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Great Fashion Is All About What Works for You

When you see someone wearing clothes that really work for them, you might say they have a great fashion sense. However, those same clothes may not work for someone else. Being fashion conscious is very relative. To find your own fashion sense, you should try different styles and definitely get some opinions from others that you care about. However, most of the time people choose their fashion depending on what they like and they don’t care about what anyone else thinks. Just try different styles out and soon you’ll find a sense of fashion that truly defines you.

Goth And Emo

There is a trend going on nowadays that is popular with the kids and teenagers. This is called Goth or Emo. Emo stands for emotional and it represents teen angst, non-conformity and it is characterized by all black clothes, torn fishnet stockings, black hair and makeup. Even the guys who are dressed in Goth or Emo wear makeup. This is one style you can try but if you’re not into Emo music or you don’t feel any pain or angst, you might want to try a style that’s a little less dramatic and a little more upbeat.


Then there is the fashion that is known as preppy. This is the clean cut look that is popular with a lot of college age kids and some adults. This fashion style tells others that you care about your appearance and that you are meticulous with your clothes. The clothing is usually pressed, very neat and always clean.

Go Wild

The above examples are two extremes when it comes to fashion. You can try a mixture of the two or you can go completely wild and just try to come up with a fashion sense that’s all your own. Sometimes, a person will try a certain fashion by just choosing a few different styles and putting them together and it totally works for them. If you’re clueless about fashion and you’d like to come up with a style that works for you, try looking online. There are many online fashion websites that will give you tricks, tips and ideas that you can piece together to come up with your own original identity. When you find it, you’ll get a lot of compliments and that’s when you know you’ve chosen a good style for you. Or, you could not care what anyone thinks and just go for what you like; which is what many people do and it seems to work for them.

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